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First Trade Date of Stocks, AIR Software
Bill Meridian


This class shows how to use the horoscope of the first trade to select individual stocks that will outperform the market. Learn from the guy who wrote the book on the subject.


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Bloomingdale, Illinois

Bill Meridian became interested in the stock market in 1966. After obtaining his BS and MBA degrees in 1972, he began to study cycles. This led to the study of astrology in October of that year. He was heavily influenced by Charles Jayne, his teacher, and by the Hamburg School of astrology. Bill began on Wall Street as a fundamental analyst utilizing horoscopes of incorporation. He then developed the concept of the horoscope of first trade. In 1978, he began to design computer programs in order to perform the heavy number-crunching that is required to relate stock market movements to planetary motion.

By 1981, he had written a simple spreadsheet program in Lotus to calculate planetary stock market cycles. In 1988, Bill and Astrolabe collaborated on the AstroAnalyst program, the first commercial planetary market analysis program.

Since 1989, Bill has worked with Alphee Lavoie and Sergey Tarasov on the development of the Market Trader series of applications. He presented AIR with the concept and the data. Bill invented the Efficiency Test which has been further developed into the Easy Expert. He also developed composite cycles and introduced the first trade horoscopes to the program. The most recent efforts have resulted in the Market Trader Expert, the single most powerful planetary program ever developed.

He has worked both the buy and sell side of Wall Street, most recently spending 14 years in the Middle East as a fund manager and strategist. He currently operates his own business from his home in Europe. Bill spends most of his time in Vienna, London, Tokyo, and Abu Dhabi.

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