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Relationships & Sexuality

Relationships & Sexuality
Maurice Fernandez


The changing times and circumstances of the 21st Century directly affect our experience and expectations from relationships. We need to understand this context when analyzing relationship dynamics and compatibility in the chart.

Maurice describes the astrological associations to different relationship needs and the sexual expression conveying those emotional complexes. The interrelation between our emotional needs, sexual expression, and cultural conditioning are all essential to a holistic perspective on the subject, providing the astrologer with the right tools to guide clients to find greater fulfillment in their love life.

An insightful presentation exploring the depth of the human psyche.


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1 hour 49 minutes
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San Francisco Bay Area NCGR Chapter
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San Francisco, CA

For more than twenty years, Maurice Fernandez has been developing a worldwide network as a full-time astrology teacher, counsellor, and writer. He has authored several books and collaborative writing projects, and has organized astrology conferences around the world, notably The River of Stars Astrology Conference in Hawaii. Maurice is currently the President of The Organization for Professional Astrology OPA, and has introduced the ISAR organization to Israel.

He has forged a reputation of excellence among clients, students, and the greater astrology community, and is currently based on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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